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Tips for improving your writing skills

Writing skills are important in each and every career for you to be successful. Effective writing skills are equally significant in workplace communication, external business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications, giving presentations, writing clear instructions and process documents, and even while using social media effectively.

Technical writing skills is of uttermost importance especially when you are in a job that involves documentation, like business analyst, technical writer, content writer etc.

Here are some tips which can help you out while you are writing a technical piece:

  • Keep the end goal in mind

    The document you are writing should be easy to understand, should have all the necessary technical information and should be to the point. You would not want the document to be too lengthy and contain the irrelevant pointers. While writing and including information keep the one which meets your end goal and eliminate the rest.

  • Keep it simple

    Sometimes we forget the fact while writing that our readers are not necesaarily professionals like us in a particular domain. So we should keep it simple and easily understandable.You should try explaining even the complicated ideas in simplified versions. Write-ups must sound more interactive rather than dictating instructions which would keep the readers interested in your writing.

  • Know your audience

    Knowing your audience will help you a lot while creating content. While you are writing a piece you should always know about the demographics, age, location and interests of the target audience. For example, the audience for a business article is entirely different from the audience of document providing technical information of a product to a housewife. Analysing your audience and writing accordingly will help you in being more efficient in your writings.

  • Use graphics for exemplifying

    Graphics make the document interesting and easier to interpret. You should use flows, graphics and illustrations for a clear and better understanding of the information. The graphics you select should be properly designed and relevant as bad graphics can even confuse readers.

  • ¬†Focus more on creating extraordinary content than the word count

    The main focus while writing should be creating content that would make the reads awe-struck by your writings. You should keep in mind the approximate length of the document needed but you should not be too stringent about the word count. What matters more is the clarity, specification and concise regardless of the word count.

Like many other continuous improvements, writing also improves as we keep on writing and practicing. Try getting your work reviewed from colleagues, friends and near and dear ones, it would help you to eliminate mistakes and improve your writing skills. If you are looking more information on how to be one of the best technical writers we have a detailed course for you on our website on technical writing. ( This course provides you with a background in the technical writing skills necessary in workplace and would help you to improve these skills.