Benefits of effective communication skills in career growth

Good communication skills are must to secure a good job, getting ahead in business, getting selected in job interview or even in day to day life. As all of us know that communication is nothing but transfer of information from one person to other by oral, written, digital or even non-verbal way sometimes.

What is an effective communication?

Why certain people are excellent communicators and others are not able to express themselves. This is because they have excelled at art of communication and know do and don’ts while they are trying to communicate with others.

Here are some of the key points which will help you in communicating effectively?

I am sure all of you would agree that listening is one of the most important skills for effective communication. As communication is a two way process and when we communicate we spend a portion of the time in listening too. Listening is not just hearing but making other person understand that he is being heard and understood. While communicating with someone make that person most important person of life for that duration and avoid distractions like phone calls, text messages etc.

2.Body language

When you are speaking to someone face to face it is really essential to have a confident body language. Also it is really important maintain eye to eye contact and keep a smile on your face. That will make other person trust and develop a bond with you.

3.Don’t use complicated phrases or sentences

Always try to keep it brief and simple. Also try to be specific and do not beat around the bush all the time. As your motive is being understood and not just look smart by using fancy words, so try keeping it easy to understand for the person you are communicating with.

4.Communicate according to who you are talking to

When you are talking to someone formally like in job interviews, presentations, office meeting or clients the choice of words that you are using should be very specific. Avoid using acronyms, smileys etc when you are communicating formally through emails. While you are chatting or emailing your friend you can use informal language and acronyms.

5.Understand the importance of timing

Some of the phrases might not be appropriate at certain time whereas same phrases when used at some other conversation might make absolute sense. So choice of words should be according to the situation you are in.

How would effective communication help you in career growth?
1.In getting a Job

Good communication skills can help you to clear the interview rounds and getting ahead of competitors. Good communication skills are must for entering into any esteemed organization. It is really important to be able to articulate your thoughts to interviewer verbally and also through written communication to land a job.

2.In getting promotions and keeping your employers happy

Communication skills are equally important after you land a job to meet the requirements of your employees. It is really important to be able to present your thoughts effectively if you want to move ahead in your career in corporate as you would need to give presentations, understand clients requirements and will have to communicate with your team members and superiors.

3.Getting more clients for your business

Even if you are considering to not opt for job but your own business clients want someone who can understand their requirements clearly and then communicate with them in terms of ideation, strategy and the products or services. If you are good at communicating you would have a higher chance of getting clients compared to your competitors.

4.Forming connections with team members

When you are a part of any organisation it is really important to build connections with fellow members, employers and your managers. Until and unless you know the art of communicating effectively forming positive connections would be difficult. Good communication skills will also help you to Encouraging interest and interaction from others in your team.

5.To be a leader

Leader is not just someone who has the name-tag or designation as a team leader but someone who can lead the team effectively. If you will research about great leaders the most common trait all of them had is ability to communicate their thoughts effectively. So if you want to join the league of being a leader effective communication is a must key trait to possess.