Common mistakes to avoid during job interview

Everyone who has ever been through interview process knows the butterflies that we feel before or while we are going through interview rounds. When we get a call for interview it is overwhelming yet worrisome. So that’s the reason we need to be fully prepared for the interview and should give our best in those couple of minutes.

These are some of the usual mistakes people tend to do and you should be careful about:

  1. Going unprepared

Many times when we get an interview call we start assuming we have already got the job offer and we tend to neglect the fact that job is still not in our bag. That is why you should prepare thoroughly, research about the company, their business model, about your past experience and job post we are applying for. This will give you an upper hand compared to others applying for the same job role.

  1. Being overconfident or nervous

As it is said extreme of anything is wrong so you should maintain your calm and should not be too confident or rude in your behaviour. Being nervous makes your interviewer question on even the skills you have as you won’t be able to answer and tell about yourself properly. Being overconfident make employer feel you are uninterested in the job. This is why you should maintain a proper attitude during the interview.

  1. Dressing casually

Dressing in formals is a must-do thing when you are going for an interview. You cannot go wearing your casuals and flip-flops for an interview. This would give a wrong impression of you. You should always go properly dressed as first impression is the last impression.

  1. Exaggerating about your past experience in Resume

You should write whatsoever you have accomplished, your projects, experience and studies as it is. You should never lie and exaggerate on all these points. If you do that chances are high that he is going to ask you something you have mentioned and never had hands-on and hence you would most probably get stuck or tongue-twisted. That’s the reason you should be truthful and mention exact details of yours in your Resume.

  1. Being late

That’s one of the most important points to keep in mind. Always try to arrive a few minutes early. This will give a positive impression to your interviewer as they feel you are organized and reliable. It also allows you to take some time to compose yourself and prepare for the interview.

Now that you know what all mistakes to avoid, you should go ahead with your preparations and get all set for your interview. If you have an interview coming up which might be telephonic, check this blog post How to ace the telephonic interview ? ( for getting more information and tips for clearing your upcoming interview.