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Top skills for getting the most sought-after jobs in 2018

With the growth of technology there is an ever-increasing demand of skilled people along with rise in employment opportunities. The employers are looking for employees who possess interpersonal and intrapersonal skills along with the domain specific skills. The ability to put across your thoughts and communicate effectively can help you go a long way. From technical skills to marketing skills here are top skills which could help you getting a decent job in some of the best companies.

  1. Data analysis

Along with the growth in technology, AI and automation there is huge amount of data which is being generated. This data is of utmost importance for every company for analysis of budget, sales performance, customer engagement and for growth. These numbers once interpreted correctly tell us the stories about company’s performance which cannot be observed without data analysis. Therefore, there has been a huge growth in demand of skilled people in data analysis. The skillset comprises of analytical thinking, ability to reach to conclusions, statistics, proficiency with MS Excel, MS access etc. Some job roles also require the knowledge of advance tools like Tableau, Python, SPSS, R language. According to data by linked in Median total salary of a data scientist is  $113,000 with  Job Openings (YoY Growth) of more than  2,100+ jobs that is about 45% growth which is a very high percentage of growth.

  1. Digital media skills

Digital technology plays an important role in today’s world as it is really an essential tool to increase the reach of all the companies. Digital media skills like search engine optimization, website development, blogging, social media marketing are some of the much-needed skills which will help you in getting a job in this sector. Digital Marketing Industry is growing high in India with 50% growth rate. According to an article in Delhi school of internet marketing the industry has approximately 8 lakh job options at present in India and is anticipating  more employment options within the coming years.

  1. Product Management/ program management

Management skills are one of the sought-after career skills in 2018 like any other year. The role of product manager varies in every sector and company, but he is considered the owner of a product or program with taking full ownership for the success of the assigned product. He has multiple tasks to perform including conceptualization, carrying promotional activities, testing in initial phases of product life cycle, giving support and leading it till end of the product completion. Must needed skills for this job is ability to think out of box, leadership skills and communication skills along with the industry specific skill set and experience. According to data by linked in Median total salary of a program manager  is  $100,000 with  Job Openings (YoY Growth) of more than  4,500+ jobs which is about 25% growth.

  1. Sales and marketing skills

Sales and marketing is an essential part of any venture and having a good sales team really makes a difference in the growth of the enterprise. With the increasing competitors in market, enterprises are focusing on hiring best people for sales and marketing in their team so as to maximize on the reach across people, customer engagement and increasing profits and revenues. The skills needed are excellent communication skills, leadership skills, business development skills, being a people’s person and ability to adapt to situations. According to data by linked in Median Total Salary of a sales director is $145,000 with  job Openings (YoY Growth) of more than  2,000+  jobs that is about 31% growth.

  1. Solution architect skills

Solution architect is one of the most in demand and highest paying jobs in 2018. The major responsibilities of a solution architect include designing and implementing the strategies for directing some of the applications within an organization. He also is the one to provide description and translate the functional documents into the architecture for that solution. He should have the right mix of business and technical skills as they are the single point of contact for implementing the technical decisions while keeping the business outcomes in mind.

According to data by linked in Median Total Salary of a solution architect is $134,000 with Job Openings (YoY Growth) of more than  2,000+  jobs which is about 28% growth.