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Collaboration between Millionlights and YuppTV

Millionlights, a leading education content provider has come into alliance with Yupp TV which is an OTT provider to foster  Open Source education.

We are delighted to notify that students and participants would be able to experience learning through the Millionlights exclusive TV channel on OTT (Over the Top).  Learners will have an access to exclusive and premium content by Millionlights – live lectures, webinars, career guidance, latest tech reviews etc. Certification will help learners advance their skills and prepare for jobs in today’s digital world. Besides enrolling on the Millionlights portal, participants can also experience learning through the Millionlights exclusive TV channel on YupttTV

About Yupp TV

YuppTV is an over-the-top (OTT) content provider for South Asian content, as live TV, catch-up TV, and unlimited movies. YuppTV allows broadcasters and content providers to reach their target audiences, and allows consumers to view their content globally over six screens of connected TVs, STBs, PC, smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

Headquartered in Atlanta and Hyderabad, YuppTV offers 300+ Indian TV channels in 15 languages:Telugu,Tamil,Hindi,Malayalam, Kannada,  Marathi,  Bengali, Punjabi, Oriya, Gujarati,  Sinhalese, Bangla, Nepali, Urdu and English. YuppTV has also developed an OTT STB called SCOPE, which converts regular TVs to smart TVs, and allows consumers to access South Asian content offered by YuppTV.

How would the collaboration be advantageous to users?

YuppTV’s open source education will help students becoming ready for the jobs by providing an enterprise-ready courses like Arduino. Learners will get access to the best authored and curated content leading to industry recognized certification on all screens (Mobile, Desktop and TV). Users will be able to access live lectures, webinars, premium content, education news, tech reviews, career guidance series, faculty speaks, interaction with students across renowned colleges and lot more. The learning platforms ensure peer interaction, faculty hand-holding and discussion forums and are based on localized content.

Akshat Shrivastava, CEO and Founder of Millionlights says

“Our partnership with YuppTV is a step further to strengthen our capability to reach the millions of users who do not have access to the best educational content. We have collaborated with YuppTV to provide access to global content to all our online,TV and OTT users and help drive employability through skill based courses.”

Education related shows to be broadcasted on YuppTV by Millionlights

There are many educational shows for our learners which they can watch on yuppTV. (!/play/Millionlights- )TV. The shows are informative and of interest if you are looking for enhancing your skills and knowledge.

Some of the shows are:

Faculty speaks: Faculty from renowned institutes like IIT would be giving insights and sharing knowledge on different subjects. This show will definitely help you gaining in depth knowledge on topics which would be beneficial for you in making you ready for job in this digital world.


Skills gateway: If you are looking for a career in a particular field, but not sure about the scope, colleges and future prospects, this show can prove to be a guiding factor for you. This show broadcasts the career scope, remuneration, colleges, prospects and market size in different areas like painting, engineering, business analysis etc.

Tech Review: If you are a techie who loves to remain update about latest advancements in technology, this show is the one to watch out for. We share the latest technology and their detailed review on this show.

Student bytes: Are you aware about the opinion of the students in India in different colleges? Do you wish to know the thought process of today’s youth and their aspirations? Do tune into this show where we interact with the students from different colleges real time and know there views on education system.

These are just some of the highlights on shows which we will be broadcasting on yuppTV. Apart from that there will be live lectures, webinars and lot more premium content.

The objective behind giving these platforms to students is to provide the right education, the necessary skills to make students employable and empower them to become entrepreneurs. This step will empower  youth to bring about transformational changes to ensure progress, prosperity and peace.