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Some interesting quotes on Data Science by leaders

There is an ever increasing demand of data scientists in business and public organisations as data engineers, data scientists, statisticians, and data analysts. There is a huge gap between the qualified professionals and demand in field of data analysis.  According to an article (IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020) by Louis Columbus in Forbes,  annual demand for the fast-growing new roles of data scientist, data developers, and data engineers will reach nearly 700,000 openings by 2020.


Let’s dig into the importance of the data analysis and how it can change the user experience altogether. Here are some of the examples where data analysis plays a major role:

1) Every time a user logs in to Google, Facebook the advertisements that are displayed are based on users preferences, browsing history, FB likes/groups, etc. This is how big data is used for Ad Targeting.
2) Big data analytics is also used for revenue management. Every time a user purchases an air ticket, online prices vary according to the data collected regarding the demand, how early you book, etc.
3) Whenever a user is shopping online and looking at a product, there are lot of recommendations that are displayed. This is based on user interests, previous views, etc. This is how data driven analysis is used for Recommendation Engines.

Here are some of the best quotes on data science from the advisors, CEO’s, statisticians and leading data scientists that speak the future of data science.

The entire month we’ve been writing about some great data analytics topics. And we hope we’ve given you insights about what can help you make better business decisions. Now when you have all the motivation to become a data analyst, enroll to data science to orientation course by Microsoft on Millionlights website and start your journey as a data scientist.