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Psychological facts you must know about: Getting the picture of how mind envisages

Have you ever wondered why do we behave in a certain way and why is it that our reactions in certain circumstances are completely different from others. Is it merely a coincidence to like someone at first glance or there is something deep inside that goes and our brains are hardwired to do so.

You would be surprised to know that even if all of us are unique the way our brain functions is quite similar. These general patterns of brain are due to the  psychological similarities. Imagine how wonderful and simpler your relations with others will become  if you already know what’s going in other persons mind. If you are aiming at it sometime soon psychology  is the answer. Psychology is the study of how our mind works which in fact affects the way we behave.

1.Spending time with positive people makes you happier

Have you ever heard of a saying that you become like the people you stay with. That is the reason it is always advised to stay with people who are happy and content if you want to stay happy as happiness is contagious. Also beware of flocking with naysayers and complainers if you don’t want to see yourself complaining and sad like them anytime soon.

2.Smart people underestimate themselves and ignorant people think they are too smart.

Remember the person you met and you were completely inspired by the personality and intelligence and you were surprised by the down to earth nature of him. That’s because the people who are smart have a mindset that they have still to learn a lot and grow, they strive for being more intelligent which makes them humble.

While ignorant people think they have achieved everything and are completely brilliant which ceases their growth. So decide which one of them you want to be.

3.Money spent on experiences has more value.

Ever heard someone being happy about spending a vacation in Budhapest or being on cloud 9 after a fun road trip with friends. I am sure you must have felt amazing after having that one full course meal even after spending grant sum of money. This is how brain works. So now you know the reason why the adrenaline rush of bungee jumping gives you unparalleled feel.

4.Brain is active even after death.

You would be surprised to know that when a person dies the brain activity does not stop. The brain remains active for seven minutes after death. And equally surprising is the fact that in those seven minutes person sees a  dream like sequence of their memories.

5.Do you really know what is your brain busy doing most of the time?

It is a scientifically proven fact that 70 percent of the time our mind is busy replaying incidences from the past, the memories we have lived, and imagining the best and perfect moments of our life. So practically only 30 percent of the time is spend in learning new skills and development.

If you want to be a professional in getting to know about how brain works, if you want to sneak peak in others mind or if you want to study psychology to be good with people you can enroll to psychology course on our website and get certified.