How to ace the telephonic interview ?

Have you ever  got cold feet after  getting to know that your recruiter is going to interview telephonically. Most of us find face to face interviews comparatively procurable as we are able to express ourselves in an impressionistic manner. But have you ever wondered what is the trick behind  cutting the deal in telephonic interview.

Here are some of  the do and don’ts in telephonic interviews that will certainly help you in cracking those difficult  interviews.

1. It is really important to have your job search records organized and handy so that you can refer to your resume as needed
Have the following things handy:
  • pen and paper, a calculator
  • the job ad and the resume and cover letter that you sent in response to the ad
  • a list of your accomplishments which relate to the job you are discussing
  • research you have done on the company
  • a short list of questions about the job
  • your calendar
2.  Timing is equally important:
    It is equally essential to manage the Telephone Interview. Try to reschedule surprise interviews. Say that you have a conflict and suggest a time you can call back. When you call back, be prepared for the call just as you would for a full-dress interview.

3.  Learn the techniques of a Pro:
  • Smile – it comes through in your voice.
  • Speak directly into the phone.
  • Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat or drink anything. It all telegraphs to your listener.
  • Stand up. Your voice sounds stronger.
  • Avoid ah, er, hum. This habit is especially noticeable on the telephone. This takes practice. So practice.

4.For a winning performance:
  • Confirm the caller’s name and company. Get the caller’s telephone number.
  • Be aware that the caller can’t see you – can’t see your hand gestures, can’t see you taking notes.
  • Pace the call. Let the caller do most of the talking, without interruptions.
  • Do use the technique of repeating or re-phrasing questions. It tells the caller that you listened carefully, and gives you time to think about your answer.
  • Avoid the simple yes or no; add selling points at every opportunity.
  • If you need time to think, say so – as in radio, silence during a telephone conversation is dead air time.

A call from an employer to eliminate candidates based on essential criteria. So it is crucial be well prepared in advance to make the grade. If you are looking to enhance your interview skills and be hundred percent wired up for clearing the interview  then we have  a course on interviewing skills designed by our content partner for candidates who want to clear interview and go leaps and bounds in their career.