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How to keep ahead of the pack in your career – Skills

A routine complaint

While working and even at the peak of the careers, one of the most common complaints is that people feel stuck . They’re swamped by having a lot on their plate but they don’t know the reason for not feeling content and not getting ahead.

Heard of it?? Familiar right??

It turns out a big reason people get stuck has to do with a difference in the perception people have while pursuing professional advancement: the difference between knowledge and what we do to upgrade that knowledge.

If you want to be the cream of the crop there are lot of factors you must consider.First and foremost is the ability to do your work in an incomparable manner.This will require knowledge.If you are sales manager; you need to master the techniques required for making deals and know-how of all the skills required behind closing that one remarkable deal then only you will be able to sell ice to Eskimos; If you’re a programmer, you must be outstanding at coding ;If you’re an entrepreneur, You have to be up to date about market; competitive landscape etc.

However apart from knowledge it is equally important to upgrade your existing skills and a know-how of how to advance in your career.

Many people are unaware about this aspect of career advancement throughout their life. From the cradle to grave people often don’t know how to succeed beyond their current station. Sometimes it leads to frustration as all their coworkers are getting ahead even after working hard.

How to find out what is needed to advance in career?

For every field there is different skill set required. Discovering that how your field really works is not a cherry pie but it is really important.If you are aware of the skills worth investing you can easily find out the stepping stones and get ahead of milestones in your career. The main route to meta-knowledge is good, old fashioned research.

Best advice you can ever get for advancing in this field is talk to people who are already at position where you want to reach. Interacting with such people helps you to make successful strategy to isolate which skills and assets you need to develop. Think about: what is the people who are successful doing differently than the unsuccessful one? You will be amazed to find out that your interpretation about it was incorrect.

Also, don’t just randomly ask people for advice. By this random approach you will get obscure and ambiguous answers which will increase the uncertainty. Be investigative like a researcher and dig deep like a journalist to acumen what all you need to advance in career. You can also watch our career guidance show on ML-TV(https://www.millionlights.tv/)  on Asianet, Nextgen and Den which will provide you all the insights ranging from career options to skills needed, certifications provided.

Also, open resource learning is one of the finest ways to upgrade your skills.  Millionlights is an online content provider with a vision to be avail the online content professed by best instructors from topmost universities and institutes so that anyone and everyone can excel by enhancing the skills and climb the ladder of success. We have distinguished courses(https://www.millionlights.org/Course/AllCourses) from our superlative partners like Microsoft, saylor, IIT Mumbai etc on really interesting topics like html, Photoshop, Datascience etc.

So now as you have learnt the ropes just play your cards right and soon you will have an ace up your sleeve.