Millionlights across OTT. Whats the play here?


Millionlights will soon be seen on various OTT service providers globally





What is OTT?


OTT (over-the-top) simply means delivery of media content over internet, to the general public, bypassing the traditional modes of distribution.


Growth in OTT?

The market is estimated to grow from USD 28.04 Billion in 2015 to USD 62.03 Billion by 2020, at an estimated CAGR of 17.2%. The availability of high speed internet has opened up new avenues for OTT applications. The rising demand for improved automation of business processes and their execution in compliance with business and government policies are the driving forces of the OTT market.

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Millionlights and OTT – whats the play here?


We are committed to working out solutions that reach our end learner seamlessly and with least expenditure. Our TV Channel was a step in that direction. Open access to content on our TV channel allows our learners to view content on their TV screens and we have priced it so that the service becomes extremely affordable.

Our OTT play is being rolled out with partners who have existing OTT platforms / applications. We will be providing them access to our premium education content to offer to their users at a nominal yearly fee. Mobile Learning or Mlearning is an potent medium to reach content to the masses.

The users get access to ALL our premium content including live lectures from distinguished faculty, career guidance and education related news, reviews about certifications, industry thought leadership content and much more.

The OTT apps will reside on the phone of our users – both IOS and Android and we will beam directly into their handheld. Our belief is to free users from the constraints of a laptop and give them access to content wherever they might be.

There is a fair bit of technology involved – the diagram below tries to simplify it




Our tech team is also working on porting our live lecture stream into our TV channel – this feature will be unique and again will give a boost to all our learners who have access to the channel. They will be able to ask questions, reply  and interact with our faculty realtime (SMS, FB, Twitter).

Our first major partnership will be rolled out and announced in the coming weeks – keep a lookout for that press release.

With this OTT play, we are now across all connected devices globally – broadband, OTT, Mobile and of-course TV.

Heres to a very exciting 2017.

Team Millionlights