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In an open response assessment, you provide written responses to questions that might not have simple or definitive answers. For some open response assessments, you can submit an image or other file to accompany a written response.

Open response assessments can include a peer assessment, a self assessment, or both.

  • In the peer assessment, you assess, or grade, responses that several of your peers have submitted, and several of your peers assess your responses.
  • In the self assessment, you assess your own responses.

To assess a response, you compare the response to a rubric that the course team provides. A rubric is a list of expectations that the responses in an open response assessment should meet. Rubrics are made of criteria and options.

  • Criteria describe characteristics that each response should have, such as topics the response should cover.
  • The options for each of the criteria describe how well each response satisfies the criteria.

The following image shows a rubric with two criteria. Each of the criteria has several options.

Rubric showing criteria and options.

When you assess a response, you select the option that best describes the response for each of the criteria.

Some open response assessments provide a Top Responses section that shows the top-scoring responses for the assignment and the scores that these responses received. If provided, this section appears below your score after you complete each step of the assignment

We are launching this next week across all our courses, this will help our students learn better and also start peer to peer evaluation.

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