New Website – Shiny – Scalable and Secure

Presenting the newly minted – Millionlights.org

We have been working away at our new learning platform for the past couple of months, and finally its ready. Shiny, Scalable and Secure

We have used OpenEdx as our LMS and built an integration layer on the top to interface with the LMS. This is our Millionlights platform.



Azure from Microsoft takes care of the scalability of Millionlights while AWS has been used to run OpenEdx.

The Million Lights Advantage

Our e-learning platform runs on OpenEdx which is highly flexible / scalable and community driven and has been built ground up to be a complete MOOC platform

 Courses developed in -house by Universities can be hosted and maintained on MillionLight servers.
Secure access to ensure that data stays safe (HTTPS, Personal Login through encrypted passwords, all content behind hardware and software firewalls)

Easy access to all students by way of individual login id. BTW – We have built our own API’s for this. 

Ability to run tests and certificate programmes designed either by the Universities or by Millionlights.

Higher stake exams – verifying identity of user through webcam, locking of screen if there is any suspicious movement. Fully secured environment to prevent fraud.



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Our Secure Platform – Security and Features

1. LMS ( Learning management system)
 It is one of the most visible parts of Millionlights with which the students interact. It displays content, run quizzes, discussion forum and interactive apps. LMS also provides instructor dashboards.
 It uses a number of data stores. Courses are stored in MongoDB along with the videos served from YouTube and Amazon CDN and the student
 data is stored in MySQL.

 2. CMS( Content management system) or the Millionlights Studio or course authoring tool: This is our course authoring environment. The Millionlights Studio lets you weave  content together in a way that reinforces learning, insert videos, discussions, and a wide variety of exercises over a friendly graphical user interface.

The kinds of exercises or lectures or videos one
can create are virtually limitless.Open edX integrates the LTI components, customized Javascript as well as
tools such as Google Instant Hangout and even a Molecule Editor and much more.

This is an API wrapper for a service to grade arbitrary free text responses. The goal is to provide a high-performance, scalable solution that can
effectively help students learn. Feedback is a major part of this process.


3. Discussion forum
It’s a fairly simple discussion service that interacts with MongoDB. A server-side RoR application that supports the voting, nested comments and instructors’ endorsements.

4. XQueue Service.
It establishes an interface for the LMS to communicate with the external grader services. For example, when a learner submits a problem in the LMS, it is sent to XQueue in order for it to be processed further.

5. XServer
XServer accepts the student code submissions from the LMS and runs the code in AppArmor/Sandbox. This is to be used with the edX-platform and xqueue.

6. ORA2
It allows for the assessment of open response problems on the Millionlights platform.

7. Discern
Discern allows anyone to use machine-learning-based automated textual classification as an API service.
This is an API wrapper for a service to grade arbitrary free text responses.
The goal is to provide a high-performance, scalable solution that can
effectively help students learn. Feedback is a major part of this process.

EASE (Enhanced AI Scoring Engine) is a library that allows for machine
learning based classification of textual content. This is useful for tasks such as scoring student essays.It provides functions that can score arbitrary free text and numeric predictors. The goal here is to provide a high-performance, scalable solution that can predict targets from the arbitrary values.

9. Notifier
Notifier sends the daily digests of new content to the subscribed forum’s
users, with a goal of eventually supporting the real-time and batched
notifications of various types of content across various channels.



We will be rolling out our Android and IOS apps in the coming months – we believe that going mobile is an integral part of reaching the users in India.


On the business side of things, we are working with established universities to provide certification programmes which will be industry recognised. Our vision has always been scale and we will always hold true to that ideal.

Thank you to all our users, supporters, team and content and certification partners.

Team Millionlights