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Building A Virtual Classroom for the Indian Student

[fruitful_dbox] Millionlights Studio Launch. [/fruitful_dbox]

One of our main goals of millionlights was to reach out to the maximum number of learners through technology but also bring in interactivity and a greater sense of being connected to the community and to create a virtual classroom setup which can be easy to use as well as accessible to all.

Getting our Studio online is a step closer to that goal. We can now beam live lectures through Youtube to a wider audience across the board.

Our Youtube channel allows Millionlights students to access the live stream on the mobiles, tablets and desktops without having to worry about bandwith requirements and restrictions.

Our studio also offers two way interaction with our faculty / trainer / facilitators through Twitter and SMS.  We encourage students to ask questions, deliberate and also participate in online discussions realtime.

We want our studio to become a complete virtual classroom for accessible to every indian student.

Having a virtual classroom which can be beamed directing to the user across devices is fantastic, allowing us to spread the knowledge of one professor or an industry expert throughout our channels on Millionlights.

In the coming weeks and months we will start experimenting with our live feeds, formats and also learn from our students how to engage them effectively to increase their learning outcomes.

Coupled with an increase in the number and range of courses to be offered on Millionlights, the live lecture series is going to become a staple of all our courses.

We will be preparing a detailed schedule on how these lectures are going to be beamed and what is the most effective way  ensure it reaches all our registered users.


Wish us luck.