Airtel Classroom with Millionlights – New Category Launch

Airtel Classroom has launched a new category dedicated to Education today.




1) Product Concept


Providing certified Online courses to consumers via mobile internet with an aim of large-scale participation and replicating near to physical Classroom Experience: Platform to bridge the gap between Correspondence and live classroom


2) Key USP – World’s first innovative mobile led learning platform


High Data usage driver, accessible through all networks and channels – WAP/WEB/APP & 2G/3G. Certified Content from the best Indian and Global  brands in the education industry that allows customers to learn on the go – cover online modules at your own pace and convenience


3) How to Access

Logon to – from your smartphone, tablet or any webkit enabled browser

Select your course

Login with Airtel Mobile Number and  add your course to your basket

Course Duration – daily modules to 3 months

Customer Pricing – Daily and monthly subscriptions/ Price ranging from Rs 5 to Rs 999!!



MillionLights is trending on the platform.

Reaching more than 10 million users and giving them access to content and certification.

Thank you all who have supported us. Our faculty, students and partners – you have been a big support to our vision of education for the masses.


Team Millionlights