Mobile Learning in India

Millionlights has recently partnered with a leading Telephony company in India to provide digital access to content and curriculum on their platform. We will be offering a range of our existing courses through this mobile delivery channel.

Partnering with a Pan India telephony company brings us that much closer to our vision of Universal Access to content and culminating in Industry Recognised Certification. Leveraging this mobile channel MillionLights  literally allows millions of users access content right on their personal device seamlessly.  Learning on the mobile or mlearning can be one of the many ways that India achieves its target of access to all.

Further we are working with  our content partners to get their content into the mix, that allows the user to choose from a host of online courses in the coming  months. This flow will lead to the user having a choice to get certified and / or just browse through the course online to gain knowledge.

Our team is busy adapting our videos and assessments for this mobile channel so that MillionLights users can get the same experience on their personal device as they do on the desktop.

We strongly believe that the mobile delivery channel has to be one of the main stays of last mile delivery and there is a lot to be accomplished before we can successfully marry content delivery and learning / certification. India gives us the opportunity to leverage this wonderful resource and create a sustainable and substantial business model  behind it without it becoming prohibitively expensive for the end user.

Thanks for reading.

Team Million Lights


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