Million Lights The Vision

We were clear from the start what our vision was and it is summed up in one sentence –

Access to Industry recognised certification and courses.

The way we achieve our vision is also clear – leverage technology and existing distribution channels to reach our goal. We ride on the backbone of large channel partners and deliver our value directly to the user.  We believe that energy spent on recreating distribution channels specially in a complex and vast country in India is redundant.

We would rather work on collating the best certifications available and building delivery platforms that can reach users across India.


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In Phase 1 we have launched Microsoft Office Certifications through our partner Certiport. Going forward we will be adding industry related programmes as well as delivery partners every month.

Kindling a Million Lights is our passion and we believe that education is a light that everyone should have access to.



One of our Video Lecture series on Excel 2010

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