We are expanding and looking for partners

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Million Lights is now expanding its reach to more cities in India and we are looking for partners to open certiport testing centres

If you own a college, an IT training institution or have a chain of schools with computer labs this post is for you!! Basically if you have 15 or more computers and want to make money – we are interested in talking to you.

We want Million Lights / Certiport Authorised Testing Centres to be present in every city in India and there is a huge opportunity for our partners both to generate revenue and become a part of the skill development ecosystem in India. 

This opportunity is open to all people and institutions with the required infrastructure and / or are willing to put in the infrastructure to become a Million Lights partner.



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Some of the benefits that we offer

A Certiport Authorized Testing  Center (CATC) is defined as any  test center that can deliver and administer an online and proctored certification exams.

  • Get involved in a revenue generating business with your existing infrastructure or investing a small amount in setting up a Test Centre

  • Offer valuable Certifications from Microsoft, Adobe, Autocad and other leading industry players.

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Interested in becoming our partner? Drop a mail to and we will get back to you.


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  • dharmesh


    we are interested in this, we are based in indore and run a training institute – pls contact me on my email

    • ML Team

      mail sent – pls check and revert –

  • rohatgi anita


    i am the marketing director of pearl institute in lucknow. inbox me details about your programme. we have a setup of 20 computer and a full fledged computer lab

    anita rohatgi

    • ML Team

      mail sent Anita – and thanks for the message –

  • College of Engineering – Rohtak

    this is a good oppportunity – pls count our college as an exam centre for certiport – we want to offer this to our students as well.

    • ML Team

      thanks – we have sent you the details in your mail

  • indian colleges

    what courses will u run on these exam centres? do you have anything for finance students – we are a group of colleges and want more info

    • ML Team

      we have sent you a detailed email – pls check your inbox – we will have a lot of new courses including Finance coming online this year

  • hi millionlights
    i got to this page from your facebook – pls call me on 8440 549912 and give me details on how to bcome a partner – we are keen

    • ML Team

      thanks for the message – our team will call you on Monday

  • we teach IT subjects and can you pls add us to this scheme? We want to become exam centres for your courses